Barbastro : Corazón del Somontano (Hart of Somontano)

Located in Aragon, Spain, in the Huesca province just south of the Pyrenees, the city of Barbastro is the center of the wine activity of SOMONTANO: it is the heart of the wine industry of the region. The city beats to the rhythm of the seasons and to the harvests; even more during the wine festival of Barbastro, the Festival del VINO del Somontano.

The annual wine festival is usually held in August and attracts year after year more than 100,000 wine lovers from around the world. It is also a unique opportunity to taste in one place all the wines produced in SOMONTANO, as well as the local gastronomy, with over 100 different tapas to taste. Every night during the festival, international artists perform at the Wine Festival of SOMONTANO.

  The Somontano wines are fruity in nature, with a high alcohol level (13.5% on average) and a pleasant acidity on the palate. White wines are characterized by their freshness; they are fruity and delicious, with pale yellow tones. The rosé wines are aromatic and slightly acid. As for the reds, their beautiful ruby color, aroma of blackberries, their velvety flavors and a complex bouquet distinguish them of all red wines from Spain. All these wines are made from different types of grapes, including Chardonnay and the predominant Macabeo, for whites; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo and Grenache dominate for the reds.

  Barbastro is a natural gateway that opens onto the Sierra de Guara. The urban core is home to a cathedral of the sixteenth century, listed historical monument. The nearby archaeological garden contains valuable examples dating from the twelfth and eighteenth centuries. The Diocesan Museum, the Episcopal Palace, the House of Argensola, the Town Hall, the church and the fountain of San Francisco, the Casa Baselga (sixteenth century) or the site of San Julián, contain artistic treasures that reflect the rich history Barbastro.

  Around Barbastro, there are places that deserve a special mention: the Monastery of the Virgin of El Pueyo, the medieval town of Alquézar, the gorges of Vero, or the Sanctuary of Torreciudad. Its beautiful natural environment is ideal for excursions and hiking, and in winter, skiing in the mountains. The Parc de la Sierra and the Canyons of the Guara are the home to remarkable animals species and plants. They also have one of the largest colonies of vultures in Europe, in a protected area by the Council of Europe.

  Yours to discover in the region of Barbastro
  Monumental sites like the cities of Barbastro and Alquézar, rich in temples, palaces and shrines of various architectural styles, the Vero River cultural park, with its network of museums and interpretation centers. One could visit the most important Prehistoric Rock Art  site of Spain, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The sanctuary of Torreciudad, which attracts thousands of pilgrims annually and stands on the shores of Lake El Grado. The natural park of the Sierra de Guara y los Cañones; its deep canyons and gorges are a paradise for the lovers of whitewater sports. Not to mention the network of trails throughout the whole area... and many of Barbastro Cafes and Bars where you can enjoy at any time the great vintages of SOMONTANO.